About Us

         The company was founded by Dr. Kittiwat Watcharachatchawan to focus on quality acoustics at affordable prices. and improving acoustic quality at work and quality listening. We are acoustic designers. and a new generation of acoustic consultants changes in imaging technology and audio along with Advertence measurement tools allow us to help people experience quality sound for business. and home entertainment than ever before, so the relationship between analog and digital And digital to analog is important to us. Because such relationships help us can help people transcend to engage with spaces, places and entertainment venues.

           We hope to provide customers with quality acoustics that can be measured. and scientifically explains how to best maintain acoustics. for your space, room and decoration Our acoustic therapy focuses on enjoyment. and your lifestyle Because we truly believe that "environments foster imagination and enhance enjoyment", Ultimate Sonic Technology offers a limitless range of materials, shapes and patterns to enhance your experience.
    Kittiwat Watcharachatchawan, Ph.D. 
Founder and Managing Director

More than 10 year experience 
- Environmental assessment 
- Implementation 
- Affordable quality acoustic
- Development of acoustic for quality workplace and quality listening 
- Acoustic design and acoustical consultant

For Our Customer
- Experience quality sound for business and home entertainment 
- Provide our customer with:
   - Quality acoustic 
   - Measurable and scientifically explain 
   - Acoustical treatment 
   - Best possible for your space, room and decoration.
- Our focus 
   - Your enjoyment and lifestyle 
   - We believed that
    "environment enhance imagination and heighten enjoyment".
   - Limitless in material, shape and form 
   - To enrich your experience.